Why Should Renewable Energy Replace Fossil Fuels

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From the start of the industrial revolution to modern times, fossil fuels have been the go-to source of energy. Vehicles, homes, and entire cities rely on the use of fossil fuels to power the various technologies. However, this type of energy that many people depend on (oil, coal, and natural gas) are limited resources that will inevitably run out. But from the use of renewable resources, the energy produced by these technologies can replace part of the energy that comes from fossil fuels. In the past, the burning of fossil fuels was a unique innovation with little concern as to what it may face in the future. Now, society has come to realize that fossil fuels will not last since they exist in limited quantities. This issue concerns everyone who utilizes things that uses power produced by fossil fuels, which makes up a great proportion of the world. This concerns them because without utilizing energy, living in the…show more content…
This has brought up the debate as to which energy source should be the primary source. One side of the debate argues in favor of renewable energy’s replacement of fossil fuels, others argue that there is no problem in the continuation of fossil fuels’ use, and some are indecisive as to continue or to switch energy sources. These are the core points of the debate to the question: Should renewable energy replace fossil fuels?
Several people believe a switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy is necessary. There are personal and environmental benefits to using renewable power systems. By installing solar power, personal benefits include saving money due to having to pay less for electric bills. Additionally, homeowners who install solar panels for their
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