Why We Should Start Later In School

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Waking up super early for school is dangerous for many reasons. It may not seem very evident to you, but everyday teens are becoming unhealthier just because sleep is detrimental to their health. “Since the 1990’s, sleep researchers and other health professionals have been telling us that these early school hours are harming children” (Schoolstartlater.net). Sometimes starting school early can be a serious issue for more people than you think. In addition, sleep experts have concluded that there is one, and only one, solution to this problem. Start school later in the morning. The first reason as to why school should start later is it happens to be the reason teens do not get the required amount of sleep per night. Since your body runs on its own personal clock, it can become difficult to fit in a full nine hours of sleep each and every night. By the time a teenager falls asleep there is a very minimal amount of time left in the night before they have…show more content…
Students worry more about getting ready and finding a way to school. It is rare that a person will take the time to wake up extra early just to get a meal in their diet before school. These things are often their last priority. Unfortunately, there is not time to eat because there is hardly even time to sleep every night and teens are not going to wake up any earlier just for food. “Insufficient sleep in teens has been linked to an increase in car accidents, substance abuse, suicide attempts, depression, even criminal activity” (NEA Today). Since eating in the morning starts your metabolism, it can cause digestion and weight loss issues if someone does not eat a sufficient breakfast in the morning. After developing poor eating habits it is also common to develop and eating disorder which is rarely cured but often can be treated. Having time to sleep in and eat in the morning would be very good for growing
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