Why Should School Uniforms Be Persuasive Speech

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Ok, let me ask you this! Have you ever been the person that has no friends or that is being bullied constantly because of how you look or dress? I know I have. Don’t worry cause your not the only one who has experienced this. This is a debate on school uniforms. The debate on school uniforms never seems to end. I have seen many debates about them and the different perspective. Now this is where y 'all come in. Right now, I am here trying to persuade you on why public schools should adopt uniforms for the students.In school kids have a lot of peer pressure on what to wear to fit in. Many people are insecure about themselves because they want what other people have, such as yesseys or a supreme hoodie or the new Ralph Lauren dress. You can tell a lot about people just because of there clothes this makes your opinion about…show more content…
Schools want the best for the kids and sometimes the best for kids is wearing the same clothes because I don’t know about you I want people to judge me on my personality instead of how I look. Not only does school uniforms make everyone equal,but it also School uniforms are less money in the long run.According to school-uniforms.procon, “Ditching school uniforms would not only cost parents more money, and would be a bad idea all around.” I think my parents are trying to not spend a lot of money on me, so that would probably be a relief for them if we got school uniforms.Also, daily gazette states, “There are many reasons to have school uniforms in public schools. School uniforms will help save parents money. It can help them save money because they have to buy the same out, which means five outfits that are the same, and costing the same price.” Think about it, instead of spending $500+ on back to school items you could use that money to buy toys, or even save up for a phone. Lastly, School uniforms can discourage crime and increase school safety. Long Beach, CA had there schools begin to wear uniforms and it has shown a tremendous drop of

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