Junk Food Should Be Banned In Schools Essay

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Children are the future of the United States. It’s sad to see that a high percentage of them are obese. As a student in Vacaville High School, I am active in sports and enjoy going to the gym. Those activities only take three to four hours out of my day and it’s well worth it. Walking around you can see kids in there teens that are overweight, so their quality of life is hindered. It’s a serious problem, and it must be addressed properly in order to achieve any success in decreasing the obesity percentage in the adolescent community. I propose that we ban all junk foods sold on school grounds, we also must educate and advertise healthy eating habits. Parents are the biggest reason students are obese but schools are the runner up. It's up to Vacaville High School to create a atmosphere that promotes the consumption of healthy foods so that they can become healthier and hopefully promote a healthy lifestyle when they graduate from school. Unhealthy eating habits are present with lots of young students. According to a survey(good food/bad food) conducted by Nicholas Ward, at Vacaville High…show more content…
In Vacaville High School students have access to junk food such as; chips, artificially sweetened drinks, pizza, and much more. According to the article, Bans on School Junk Food Pay Off in California, by the New York Times, “California students had the lowest daily intake of calories, fat, and especially, added sugars.”Imagine what we could achieve as a school and as a community, if we ban instead of limit. We were able to become the healthiest students by simply limiting the schools ability to sell unhealthy foods and drinks in schools. But the fact still remains that limiting those foods isn't enough to end obesity. We must ban any and all bad foods that are sold in our school. That includes the chips, gatorades, cry babies, pizzas, and any other similar
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