Why Should Schools Have Stricter Dress Codes

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Everyday, at least 100 girls get dress coded in America. People just blame girls for the way they dress, but it is not their fault that they cannot find anything in stores. Dress codes take girls away from their education. Everyone should stop pointing the finger at girls and tell the schools to change. Schools should have a less strict dress code for everyone.
Most of the time dress codes targets girls, boys do not get dress coded because they do not dress “sexy” to school like some girls do. “Having my stomach/thighs/shoulders show does not compromise my intelligence or actions.” (Anonymous page 1). People treat women differently when they don’t have more clothing on. It is if they do not have their necks to their ankles covered their brain stops working. You can not judge a book by its cover because what you see on the outside is not what is on the inside. It should not matter what someone wears to school it is about how they perform in school. “Rules are rules, I get it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this dress code has nothing to do with clothes.” “It wasn’t about keeping teenagers from wearing whatever they wanted to defy authority or to fit in. It was about teaching young women to be
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They think that if schools have a stricter dress code then there will be less distraction. But if schools have a stricter dress code then more people would break it. Schools should take a vote to see what the students think should be the dress code, after they do the school can go over it and make changes to the dress code based on the results. Also, schools should have gender neutral dress codes for boys and girls. The dress code could say all students need to wear a shirt with fabric in the front, back and sides under the arms and pant/ jeans or the equivalent. Less strict dress codes would make everyone happy and schools should have less protests about
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