Should Schools Have Stronger Security Essay

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Why should schools have stronger security? It’ll reduce the amount of incidences of violence. There have been 18 school shootings since 2018 started. That tells us that there needs to be security in front of the school doors that have a metal detector walk through. So many incidents have occured and they need to be stopped. Think about how parents feel, they think their children are going to school to learn and be protected. School is about education, we shouldn’t have to worry about our lives here. A walk through metal detector will indicate if a student or person has a weapon on him or her. There should also be armed security guards, like a school resource officer, that would help if anything with a weapon were to happen or anything in general. The guards will be there to protect us. The…show more content…
If your child was attending school then your opinions will change real quick. You would be asking the school “Why wasn’t my child more protected?” Schools need to be more prepared for things like this, even if it does cost lots of money. I will not have my life be at risk because we don’t have stronger security, anything can happen. Government is supposed to protect, this is an area that needs immediate attention. How does the killing spree of killing 28 elementary kids get your attention and make you want to open your eyes and think about other kids attending school in the United States. There have been 18 school shootings in 2 months, and that makes nobody want to stand up and do something about it. I believe if a police officer is stationed inside of the school, they have a chance to prevent the killer from doing more damage. For example, last August a gun discharged in a 5 year olds backpack, to prevent that the kid could have walked through a metal detector and prevented that incident even though nobody was injured. In total there have been 500 school associated violent deaths in the past 20
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