Why Should Service Animals Be Allowed In Public Places

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Animals are very similar to humans in that they offer constant love and loyalty. For some, animals are something they can depend on in their day to day life. Service animals make simple tasks like walking, seeing and even being emotionally stable eassible. People that are in desperate need of a service animal should have the right to be with their service companion while they protect and serve their handler. Service animals should be permitted in all public places because they provide lifesaving services, and therefore there should be no restrictions for service animals wherever they go.
A service animal is not only subjected to just dogs there are a variety of different types of service animals, they are trained to serve or do certain tasks
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Disabled people accompanied by service animals should be allowed to enter public places such as schools, libraries and banks. The pets do not cause any harm but instead they provide lifesaving services to their owners. The dogs are also professionally trained and obey unlike regulars. Service dogs are now learning to help with people that have autism and new disabilities other than before when they only help those who were blind. These dogs are very different than regular dogs since they are trained for certain resin but less likely of misbehaving in public places. In other cases, it is different for these dogs to be taken into public places because of the odds than one nearby person might be allergic. As mentioned above about the school that did not allow a girl to bring her dog even if he was there to serve his owner who needed him. When it came down to choosing between the dog and the allergic kid it came down to the kid. Not always will having a service dog put anyone in danger unless they are allergic. Although the chances of someone in the same public place having allergies towards dogs is very low it is very possible. If so were to happen the person would know of their allergies and could obviously mention
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