Why Should Smoking Be Banned Essay

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In the Baby Boomer’s era, smoking used to be typical. Even the adolescents would be smoking since that’s what the cool kids did. They did this without actually knowing the risks that would come with the momentary feeling of euphoria. Lung cancer would become the most conspicuous killer of these young 1960 kids. Those teens are now older and are feeling the impact and are rapidly dying from their past indiscretions. Yet, cigarettes are still legal despite people becoming unhealthier. If the world slowly but surely banned the sale and production of cigarettes, the populace would feel the positive effects thenceforth. It will exponentially lower the risk of lung cancer, as individuals aren’t breathing in second hand smoke and first hand smoke. People won’t be as stressed as they would have removed their addiction. This will eventually help with health benefits as money set aside from the ever-increasing cigarette prices would be redistributed within the family and national budgets. Helping the younger generation to learn that smoking is extremely damaging will be the final stage of the process of improving world health.

Cigarette prices in Australia are one the highest
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Smoking consumes humans. It has been since the world wars. Hence, why should anyone pay an immense amount of money to affect themselves and others around. If each and every human works together lung cancer can wane. Stress and money can also be one of the causes from smoking. Therefore, cutting smoking out can affect the way people spend money and their normal daily lives with stress. Saving our kids from a life of failure is a necessity, thus for them to achieve greatness at school and in life, smoking should be vanquished before the subsequent generation starts. This will benefit the children of the future to have the comprehension to not smoke. Nevertheless, forbidding cigarettes will beat this addiction and lung cancer. The situation is as simple as
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