Why Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places Essay

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Smoking Should be Banned in Public Place Have you ever thought how clean our environment would be without smoking? The question of whether smoking in the public places should or should not be banned often raises different views, with some people, especially the smokers against it, whereas non-smokers are proponents. Those opposing the ban, argue that smoking is voluntary, and just like other humans, they have the right to enjoy themselves however and wherever they want to. On the other hand, non-smokers propose this ban because just like active smoking, passive smoking also has many health implications. In fact, scientists argue that the health side effects of passive smoking are dangerous compared to active smoking. Moreover, a study by Chapman Freeman (2009) reveals that more than 54% of the world population have experienced smoking. Despite smoking cigarettes being legal, irresponsible smoking is quite inconsiderate, selfish and morally demeaning, especially when done in public places. Moreover, uncontrolled Smoking also diminishes the natural aesthetic of our environment, in addition to contributing to large emissions of carbon dioxide into the…show more content…
For many non-smokers, smoking is often a great distraction and disturbance. People working in smoking zones such as pubs and restaurants face many challenges in delivering their day-to-day mandates efficiently. This is, detracting for workers with respiratory tract conditions such as asthma. Not to forget, some workers find the smoke odour distasteful and disturbing. Furthermore, smoking in school environments should be completely prohibited to avoid passing on the disturbing immorality to students (Seo et al. 2011). For that reason, smoking in public places should be banned, especially in working

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