Later Start Time In High School

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Teenagers need on average about 9 ¼ hours of sleep every night; instead only about 15% of teenagers get about that much sleep per night. Doctors all across America are recommending that schools across the nation start school after 8 A.M due to the lack of sleep that teenagers are getting. The lack of sleep that teenagers are obtaining is becoming a very serious issue for students because it is affecting their lives in a very negative way. A later start time for Brunswick High School would be extremely beneficial to the students that go through the school. The Brunswick Board of Education should start school at 8:25 A.M., because teenagers are not getting enough sleep and the lack of sleep is severely punishing these students physically, mentally, and academically. The start time for Brunswick High School should be 8:25 A.M., which would be an hour after school starts now. A recent study shows that later start times for schools is beneficial to the…show more content…
Waking up early affects teenagers’ social life, mentality, physical being, and academic career. A study has proven that lack of sleep will affect a teenagers’ life in a negative way, “Overtime, not obtaining enough sleep can hurt student’s healthy, safety, social life, and school career.” (National Sleep foundation 1) Due to teenagers naturally not being able to fall asleep till later in the night and forcing students to wake up severely early in the morning for school, they are exhausted. A recent study shows that students are tired throughout their school day, 60% of children under 18 say that they are tired throughout the day (National Sleep Foundation 1) As Brunswick students are exhausted throughout their day and it is showing that by the grades from students. The Board of Education needs to take these studies and facts seriously so they can help provide an intelligent and responsible new
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