Why Should Steroids Be Banned

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Every couple of weeks or so, you hear stories of professional athletes having their sport taken away from them, because of the drive to be the biggest, strongest and best they could be. Due to this drive, they begin to use Performance Enhancing Drugs. PED’s are a danger to athletes and their health, and they should remain banned. Some of these dangers are cardiovascular difficulties, dangerous side effects, and illness in the liver. First off, the use of performance enhancing drugs can cause Cardiovascular difficulties. Adding to that, the heart itself can be put into a crucial state. “The heart is a muscle… and the heart is not designed to have that much testosterone stimulating it… so it will grow abnormally (Traux).” Likewise, Also, anabolic steroid abuse correlates with an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke according to the National Drug Control Policy. This quote, stated on http://www.livestrong.com/article/88372-effects-performance-enhancing-drugs, “The use of growth hormones such as human chorionic gonadotropin and corticotropin can cause diabetes, which also increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. The use of diuretics can also cause heart arrhythmias.” The heart may not be the biggest organ in the…show more content…
They cause problems in your cardiovascular system, they generate unwanted and sometimes dangerous side effects, and eventually lead to liver complications. Although there are some upsides to the legalization of Performance Enhancing Drugs, for the most part these upsides are opinions or inferences. In conclusion, they take away the thrill and love for sports, people pushing themselves to their physical limits. These drugs take that away from not only the user, but all others playing and watching. PEDs put on ugliness to sports and replace passion and motivation with drugs and
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