Why Should Student Athletes Use Drug Essay

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In 2002, National institute of drug abuse study shows that 2.5%of 10th graders and 4% of 12th graders are abusing drugs. That’s why student athletes should be drug tested before their allowed to play. Drugs are mostly used among athletes and it is influencing young people to use drugs. Yes because they are dangerous, and it can kill people or harm people. It causes you to have bad health.There are different types of drugs that athletes use. They are anabolic steroids, androstenedione, human growth hormone (HGH), erythropoietin, diuretics, creatine, and stimulants. They are bad for your, health and it could kill you. These are the most common drugs and the most used drugs by athletes. Men are most likely to use drugs that are associated with muscle gain and strength. Girl’s they are most likely to use non-prescription diet pill. But why do high school athletes use drugs? This is because constantly they face tremendous pressure to perform, If they are really serious about career the pressure…show more content…
Also, high school popularity is a another reason for example let’s say jack is a football player in high school and his stats are great and he knows there’s another person name jimmy that is legitimately good, bulky, and is much faster and gets tons of attention. So Jack wished that he could play like jimmy and he heard a drug that could cause him to become stronger called anabolic steroids it could cause acne, hair loss, liver, kidney, heart, diseases and violent aggressive action. Some athletes are influencing teen to use steroids. For an example, Ryan Braun he is a MLB baseball player and he had 65 game suspension for drug use. So when high school teens sees this they would want to improve their game and they know that steroids increase strength and has harmful side effects.They know is harmful but they just do it because they see their heroes or their
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