Why Should Students Give Students Homework Essay

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Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with homework that you wish it failed to prevail? Whether or not teachers should give students homework has evolved into a significant controversy that has been up for debate for decades. It has the potential to affect the lives of students in many ways. Homework is much alike to an ocean full of stress and frustration. In addition, it causes a lack of sleep for students, which in turn reduces their productivity in their classroom. It also prevents students from adding their knowledge. Stress and frustration, not obtaining enough sleep, and not being able to discover new information, are just a few negative effects of assigning homework to students.

To begin with, schools should not give students homework because it‘s exactly like a tsunami of frustration and stress. Alfie Kohn, the author of
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In conclusion, schools shouldn’t assign students homework. When considering the choice of whether teachers should assign homework or not, the choice should definitely be that students should not get homework. One reason that students shouldn’t get homework is that students will live a part of their life full of stress and exasperation. A lack of sleep is another negative effect of assigning students homework. It can also be the only commodity that can affect how much children learn outside of school. If the reader of this incredibly important claim ignores this, every student in this nation will have to live in stress and hassle. They will come home every day and sit down at their unorganized desk full of papers. They will spend the next 5 hours trying to finish homework without getting distracted by anything around them that is fun, unlike homework. Homework is a burden for plenty of students and families.The future of the children in this nation is at stake. Countless students and parents are against homework, make the correct, honorable choice for the betterment of our
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