Why Should Students Limit Homework

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Why Teachers Should Limit Homework “The number one reason kids over the age by eight stops reading for pleasure is, because of too much homework.” Kids today have way too much homework, for them to read in their spare time or just for fun. It is taken away by the amount of homework teachers give out.Teachers sometimes don’t even realize that they are assigning too much homework and that students have homework in other classes.Children go to school for eight hours a day and their brain starts to shut down, causing health complications, too much homework can affect test scores, and students have outside school events, sports, jobs, church, and family to worry about.Teachers should be forced to have a limit on how much homework they give their…show more content…
When a student has too much homework, they cannot be able to balance all of these tasks in one day. Without needing the time to relax the body and mind.A survey by the University of Phoenix in 2013 states, “High School students had an average of 17.5 hours of homework every week and 3.5 hours from each teacher per week.” Considering if students go to school all day and have extracurricular activities then it leaves them with very little time to spend with family and friends. (Stanford Research Shows Pitfalls of Homework).The students are getting an excessive amount of homework a night. Stats say that an average student is having 17.5 hours of homework every week. Where does that leave room for family, friends, sports, jobs, church, and special events? Students need to have those moments to make memories with friends and families. Teachers are taking that privilege away from students to have that bond. Also, when students get off of school for eight hours, they need that time to shut down and relax.Students are not supposed to do half of the work from school at home. It’s just too much for the child. Students have more priorities than just school work. Moreover, there’s a benefit of having too much
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