Why Should Students Use Cellphones In School

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Teachers, and parents debate, whether allowing students to use cellphones school is a good or bad idea. I believe that allowing students to use cellphones in class is a wonderful idea. The issue is teachers think that having a student using cellphones at class is a bad idea. This is false because students using cell phones at class could enhance their learning. I have chosen three reasons to support my argument. The first is children can warn their parents to what they are doing after school or where they are. The second reason is cellphones are easy to silent on and off, so when they are not in use, they are silent . The last reason is cellphones can give students access to tools and apps that can help them progress and learn. My claim students using cellphones at class can enhance learning, and also make them progress in learning. Also cellphones can keep students safe.

To begin with students should use cellphones in class, as it will alert their parents to where they are. The source that I got this from is article by Abigail Bassoco form the website Writeabout.com The evidence for this is “Children can warn parents if they are doing something after school”. This means they can alert their parents at all times if they have a change of plan
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The source that supports this is a site called education.cu-portland. The quote is “There are concerns for cellphones in class because of too much screen exposure.But undoubtedly this is not important because even if students use cellphones it won 't all the time, when they 're not in use, they are silenced and kept away. As seen in the source of Education.cu-portland which states that students shouldn’t use cellphones because of too much exposure, is not challenging. by students won 't use their cellphones for a whole class period. Obviously students using cellphones is the right thing to
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