Why Should Students Wear School Uniforms

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Should students have to wear school uniforms?

 Attention grabber: o 95% of students’ agree that uniforms can be harmful to the environment at school.

 For many years, schools have become about fashion rather than education. Schools have debated if students should wear uniforms. There are people who think students should not wear school uniforms. Then, there are people who agree with wearing school uniforms.

 Thesis: o Uniforms are not beneficial because they affect students’ academic achievement, freedom, and their image.

 Main points: o Academic achievement o Students freedom o Students do not like them and it effects their image.
 According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, as of 2007-2008 school
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 Example is on a warm day students would have to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt, which would affect their academics and make them uncomfortable.
 Or if it is a cold day, and they are cold they would not be able to put on a jacket, because they would be breaking dress code. o There are times where, uniforms make someone feel uncomfortable and insecure.
 They also can lead to more bullying because of the way it fits the students body
• According to, Child and Teen development specialist Robyn Silverman told NBC News Today that girls tend to compare themselves to others on how they look in uniforms
 A 1999 study conducted by experts of Texas Southern University showed that bullying incidents increased by as much as 12%
• Fights in middle schools nearly doubled within one year of introducing mandatory uniforms. o They reflect how the student is at home and how the parents raise them.
 Example: If a student wears expensive clothes, it shows that the parents are wealthy enough to afford them.
 Opposite for people who are middle class, they might wear dirty or cheap clothes so people might think they come from a family that can not afford nice things. o This is another reason why schools should not issue uniforms to
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