Should Teachers Have Guns In Schools Essay

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Sandy Hook Elementary school, it was a cool brisk day with nothing going wrong. That all changed in two and a half minutes. Imagine a classroom full of twenty children from ages six to seven, and a few teachers that just got out of college all in one room. The police had been called, but they couldn 't arrive fast enough to save twenty-six lives. Now imagine being the police officer that came into that room and saw twenty-seven dead bodies laying on the ground with the shooters head blown off (Sandy Hook). This is why teachers should be able to have the ability to carry a gun in the classroom not just for their own safety, but also for the safety of the the students. All the teachers had to do was defend the classroom for two and a half minutes and all those kids would have lived. In past events parents have been scared to put their kids through today 's school system. Most people would ask why, which the…show more content…
One of the opposing is that the teachers are not trained to kill anyone, unlike a cop a cop is trained to pull the trigger on a person but the teachers would only be trained on a metal target on a gun range. This way of thinking is false if the country has come to the point where there are mass shootings, the constitution says every US citizen has the right to bear arms and protect themselves. If a person doesn 't have the ability to protect themselves or the children in there care they might as well be dead anyway. Some would say it would be useless to have a teacher carry a gun, because then the cops would not have a job. Nonetheless the teachers just have to hold off as long as possible until authorities arrive. What if the teacher can’t hold off the shooter that is where these mass school shootings are happening, all it takes is one minute to kill all the students in the classroom, but if the teacher had a gun that percentage would drop by a drastic
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