Explain Why I Need To Be Able To Vote On A Teacher Essay

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Have you ever wished you could change your teacher? Maybe they were rude or bucket dumpers? Well today I will talk about voting on your teacher. Teachers are very important to the human society. They teach us the things we need like math, proper grammar, science and so on and so forth. So when a teacher is being rude it can be upsetting and you will be offended and that is not a good feeling. If we could vote on our teachers that issue would not happen. I am for this idea because some teachers are rude or use confusing teaching methods. The reasons we should be able to vote is because some people prefer certain teachers, some teacher use a teaching method that can be fairly confusing and or hard to understand to some students. If a child could vote on their teachers it would make them more happy and when a child is happy it increases their ability to focus and learn.

The first reason children should be able to vote on their teacher is because some people prefer certain teachers. Some teachers are unkind to students or they give them a lot of work more specifically homework, but most children have after school activities and would not want to stress about completing it. A majority of teachers say that children need to be respectful of their needs but
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When a child is happy is has many positive benefits. When a child is happy it increases their ability to focus and learn . It also can boost their immune system so they won’t get sick as often so that they can come to school every day rather than being sick a lot. If a child could come to school every single day and not get ill they would be so prepared for high school! Some people say they do their best work when they are happy. “Every happy memory created for a child is another treasure of a lifetime”~ Donna Maire. Donna Marie is a poet and child
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