Should Teachers Have Guns In Schools

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Should Teachers Carry Guns in School?
Ever since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, there has been a massive upsurge of gun rights activists and anti-gun protesters clashing heads. Recently, President Donald Trump stated that teachers should be authorized to carry guns to help protect the students in these situations. There are many supporters to Trump's ideas but there are also many protesters to the idea. Teachers should not be allowed to carry guns in the school environment, it is just not worth all the checks and money that it takes, They are not trained to be skilled shooters, and because it is unnecessary.
One reasons as to why teachers shouldn't be able to carry guns in school is because guns in schools could actually cause more
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Having a gun is a big responsibility and it needs to be treated with great care and consideration. “On Sept. 11, a teacher with a concealed carry permit accidentally shot herself in the leg at an elementary school in a Salt Lake City suburb. No one else was injured.” (Murphy)This situation could become a daily occurence if teachers are allowed to carry guns all throughout the United States. Many people don't know the care and consideration that a gun requires, and when they are having it just to have it, then that can cause situations like the ones above, and cause confusion when people hear a gunshot. As said by Steven H. Gunn, a member of the board of directors of the GVP in Salt Lake City, “But a gun in school is far more likely to lead to the harm of an innocent individual than to the protection of innocent people…. A teacher could begin returning fire to a person who is attacking the school and in the process, kill children.”, Teachers having guns can cause more people to get hurt than would have if they didn't have a gun. With all the people running around, what's to say that the teacher will be able to pick out the person that is doing the shooting, and if they pick wrong, it will just be shooting a innocent person and causing harm to a family and they will also have to go to court and many other legal things. It's just not worth…show more content…
The chances of being involved in a school shooting are slim to none and they have only happened in a select few schools (Chuck). It is just very unlikely to happen. “How about training in violence prevention, or all of the other threats that schools face, like severe weather, noncustodial parent fights, and bus accidents?" (Chuck), Training for these situations will do much more help in the long run than to spend all this money and time to protect students from a situation that is highly unlikely. Teachers simply aren't trained enough to actually be able to help the students in these situations. Teachers should not be authorized to carry guns in the school environment because it is just
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