Should Curfews Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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No parent wants to deal with their child or children going out to their friend’s party until 2 am in the morning much less allowing them to roam in the dangerous alleys and roads during the middle of the night. There must be restrictions which include maintaining curfews for teenagers from parents, local areas, and major cities. Curfews are set in place because most teenagers have yet to prove they are more responsible than parents. Teenagers without curfews are most likely deprived from focusing during the school day. Furthermore, curfews are set in place for the safety of children in cities, courts, and even the neighborhood. Curfews are for teens, not to torment them. Teenagers are in desperate need of curfews for their own safety, in order to be focused at school , and a lack of responsibility and time management.
The idea of placing specific and reasonable curfews upon children under 18 may be undesirable to teenagers but are definitely on the minds of parents and city leaders. A parent 's duty is to make sure their child is safe at all costs and placing curfews on teenagers may be a necessity to enforce the rightful thing. Teenagers roaming around alone
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The main reason for imposing curfews is because a teenager can not establish reasonable curfews unlike responsible parents. Curfews are not insulting teenager’s responsibility but instead, teaches them time management and responsibility. Teenagers are not adults yet and it is a parent’s duty to manage their time for them until they become more reasonable and more responsible. If teenagers were ready to tackle on the whole world and make all of their own rules, they shouldn’t live with their parents. Parents are there to help teenagers and enforcing curfews are one of the reasons. Parents are children’s guardians and they are an essential part of their daily

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