Why Should Teenagers Spend Time Online?

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Recently there has been an increase in teenagers spending their time online. Teenagers are now gluing their selves to a computer monitor, television screen or gaming device and disappearing from the outside world. With the amount of time they spend in front a screen they are losing communication skills with others, beginning to gain health problems and fall behind academically. Teens should be limited and monitored on the amount of time they spend online. In the first place, teenagers spend multiple hours online and this is leading to social issues. When they are online they are communicating via microphone or message, this is completely different from having a face to face conversation with someone. Teens don 't understand that it’s important for them to connect with other people and develop relationships. According to " Dr. Angela Diaz, director of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York City" she stated "It 's important for kids to be connected to people, and not just…show more content…
In like matter, having too much screen time can interfere with doing homework and getting the needed amount of sleep. Teenagers are spending up to 8 hours on a TV or video game and this has become a problem to their education. "Lisa Hueckel a parent education specialist for St. Louis Children 's Hospital help line" states "Spending too much time online can begin to interfere with daily life especially for teens. Warning sings include having trouble getting up for school...."(Hueckel). When they don’t have a limit for online time, teenagers could stay up as late as they want and lose track of time. It 's concerning because without enough sleep students can fall behind in school, have behavior issues or even become sick because their body isn 't resting. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends "that children and teens devote no more than two hours to entertainment media each day"(Norton). Teenagers need to set down the devices/remotes, in order to get the right amount
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