Why Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished

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People are executed by the capital punishment for a variety of crimes every day in the world. Some countries execute people who were under 18, innocent people, and helpless women. The death penalty is cruel, inhuman and regarding. Death penalty does not determine the crimes, violate the human rights, used as political tools, unfair for poor people. There are many types of execution which is used in different country around the world. Should death penalty be abolished?
Justice Marshall stated that the death penalty was an ineffective punishment to determine the crimes and lead to execute innocent people. The death penalty did not deter crime and life imprisonment was a more effective deterrent. Convicted were rarely executed. Convicted murderer were usually model prisoner, and once released from prison they rarely returned
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Based on Marshall’s research on gender stated that only 32 women have executed since 1930. On the other hand 3827 men have executed since 1930.
The death penalty is different from other punishment. It is the conclusive, consequential, and permanent penalty. It still exist in many countries of the world and it is argued by Human Rights group, criminologist, and the countries that abolish the death penalty. The execution of foreigner who live in abolitionist countries basically against by their government. Moreover, it has not has scholar and political scientist explain the determinant of death penalty abolish throughout the world. Recently, some countries have abolished the death penalty for all crime, and some prohibit for ordinary crimes. Venezuela was the first country that abolish the death penalty for all crime in 1863. In some countries people can be executed for the most serious crimes such as murder or genocide which against individual or a society, drug producer in some countries, and sexual crimes. During 2005, at least 2148 people were executed in 22 countries, and at least 5186 people were
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