Why Should The First Amendment To Be The Most Important

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In my opinion, I would believe that the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution to be the most important amendment out of all twenty-seven amendments. Moreover, the first amendment would be the most dynamic of all the other amendments, laying a resilient groundwork towards the other amendments. Correspondingly, the first amendment decrees American’s the right and freedom to free speech, without restriction or limitation. As, the first amendment right permits individual to speak up against injustice, speak out against the government, and express our religious views. After all, I strongly believe that no individual should be limited to what they can say. Thus, everyone should be able to share, express and discuss freely, without any limitation. Without the first amendment, there will be no exchanging of new concepts or ideas, there will be no free debate or conversation and the expression of the millions of religion out there in the world. Likewise, our society will not grow without the individual freedom of free speech and religion. Individuality would be complete cut…show more content…
Many people often use the first amendment to get away with committing horrible and despicable crimes. Although, I have never experienced up close or personal myself, but I have observed an abundance of news, movies and documentary television shows. Whereas, countless people have plead the first amendment to get away with cases such as child pornography, disturbing websites, and other horrible tends of self-expression or interest. Consequently, I consider that just like with other debates and argument of society’s concerns and problems, our amendments have their pros and cons. Hence, the constitutional amendments are frequently used in the court of law; equally can bend both ways. Notably, benefiting either parties, provisional on how the amendments are projected in the state of
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