Why Should The Holocaust Be Taught In Schools

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The Holocaust was the biggest and most world known genocide that has ever happened in the world, matter of fact it is the only one that schools really seem to care and want to inform their students mostly about. But the remaining question that has been brought up throughout years is if the Holocaust should take a seat and teachers explore other genocides with their students to bring attention to newer worse causes. Other examples of genocide around the world that aren’t talked about are Darfur in 2003, and Bosnia in 1995. 2003 in Darfur over a decade ago the government of Sudan carried out the rage of genocide against Darfuri civilians, killing 300,000 and displacing over 2 million people. The ongoing affair in Darfur, forces…show more content…
Beginning in 1991, Bosnia began to break up along ethnic lines.
When the republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence in 1992 it quickly became the central place of fighting.The Serbs targeted Bosniak and Croatian civilians in areas under their control in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. From the war and the fighting from ethnic and religious reasons over 100,000 people lost their lives. The height of the killing took place in July 1995 when 8,000 Bosniaks were killed in what became known as the Srebrenica genocide, the largest massacre in Europe after the Holocaust. Many people argue that the Holocaust should to be main genocide taught in school. However, how are students supposed to expand their knowledge and know about other world causes that are happening? With just letting them know about one you miss the opportunity to open their minds and have them think about how others are feeling right now in the world. The Holocaust was very tragic but by researching and reading you can see that just as bad or maybe even a little worst genocides like the Holocaust are still happening and whether you agree or disagree you should really open up to the world that is around
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