Why Should The Minimum Wage Be Raised

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In today’s world, there is a rising controversial question, should minimum wage be raised. There are several statistics defending each side of this issue. Some people, for example, that raising the minimum wage could benefit so many individuals provide for themselves and for their families. While on the opposing side people say that raising the minimum wage could potentially ruin small businesses.

Today’s minimum wage is $7.25. This has been the minimum wage for the past seven years. During these past seven years, “The cost of life 's essentials have shot up. Groceries cost 20% more, a gallon of gas costs 25%more, and average tuition at a community college increased 44%.” (Quinn, Castle, LaTourette, Morella” The price of living sky rocketed and the price for working still remains the same. If the minimum wage increased to today’s prices for the cost of living minimum wage would be about ten dollars and seventy cents. Families work a ridiculous amount of hours and still cannot afford to live.

Raising the minimum wage would benefit so many individuals. In the article, Raising the minimum wage is common sense: column, written by Jack Quinn, Mike Castle, Steve LaTourette and Connie Morella, they state that twenty-five million low wage workers would benefit from the raise. Mothers and fathers could afford to feed their families without having to be on any government assistance such as food stamps. Not only would raising the minimum wage benefit the people that are getting the
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