Vikings Be Remembered As Violent Raiders Essay

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Name:MichaelAidan Mullarkey

Formal Outline

Directions: Following the instructions, complete each part of the outline below. Make a copy and save it into your drive so you can avoid missing a step. Print your outline for class on F day, 3/7. You may add or subtract paragraphs and/or evidence to the outline.

Research Question: Should Vikings be remembered as violent raiders or a peaceful group of focused people on agriculture and trade?

Introduction - not needed for the outline Thesis statement: Vikings should be remembered as a peaceful skilled group of people focused on agriculture and trade, instead of vicious violent raiders.

Argument Paragraph 1 Topic: Viking Raids and Navigation

Topic Sentence: During the Vikings rule
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It helped solve conflicts and problems with the people or the city. The Vikings had many superior skills, but they had an influence and contributed to archaeology. They found who would fit what class and would stereotype them in that class. Remains of Viking houses would be put for sale and bought for more than it should have.
Explain evidence:The Vikings had a powerful government used for many things such as solving crimes, or selling objects from abandoned houses.

Evidence Source: On great travels in the military men would be willing to stay abroad to serve Frankish or Byzantine rulers as mercenaries, to help the Viking kingdom. They would sneak on pretend to be another man and slowly get to higher ranks to kill the high leading government leaders.They thereby became a factor in European politics. The Vikings were frequently employed by European princes to take down another; this of course led to Vikings in the same side killing each

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