Why Should We Celebrate Columbus Day

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Certain holidays in the United States of America provide the opportunity for hardworking women and men to reflect on past achievements of others and celebrate accordingly. Christopher Columbus Day has been deemed a contentious holiday in recent years. Some believe that he should not be acknowledged with a national celebration, while others find it despicable not to recognize him for his past successes. This paper will argue that Christopher Columbus Day should remain a national holiday because he demonstrated extreme bravery and courage, made important steps in advancing society, and exposed indigenous people to a new culture. Columbus showed tremendous courage when venturing to the new world. Back in the mid-1400’s to early 1500’s, it was still common…show more content…
The step he made when traveling with his crew to the Americas changed the world that they lived in for good. The opportunities in America advanced Europe's society because they had new cultures to trade with and a variety of resources that would improve it's economy. Columbus’ journey provided a unique opportunity of exposure to new people, which helped the peoples of Europe to become more cultured. Because of the new sea routes discovered, trade could expand to farther places. The Europeans were making money off of cash crops planted in the fertile land, which helped them to become more powerful. For example, the tobacco seed brought in extreme wealth and without Columbus’ exploration, the plant may have never been cultivated. The new world also provided vast land to populate, which helped to increase their culture’s size, which lead to a more advanced society because they had more people learning and working. Columbus’ travels provided educational and economic opportunities that bettered Europe and advance their society. Because of the improvements Columbus’ journey provided to European society, he is worthy of a celebratory
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