Why Should Women Be Allowed In Combat

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Should women be allowed in combat? Women should be able to serve in combat if men can. I will prove that women are equal to men and they have the strength just like men. People say one of the main reasons they don’t want women in combat, is Physicality. Physicality is a main component in combat, you have to have it to be in it. All around the world women are being judged on it. Some women have the physical strength but some don’t. But it’s the same with men so why can’t we be equal. Equality is something that’s been going on for years, black to white, and men to women. Even though men are usually stronger than women, Women can have strength to serve in combat. But now other countries are allowing women in combat, Women are becoming stronger. Their just doing this so they can prove women are equal, and are as equal to men. Some countries do this so other countries join in with them. Women have the strength, and are as equal to men as men are to women. People think of women as being hurt, and being took down by other people. In combat all you do is focus on strength. If your a women you always have the fear of not being strong enough up against someone else. But in combat that 's one thing that the commanders focus on. Strength matters, to your commanders, partners, and to your army. If you decide not show that you have it, it won’t take but just a second and they’ll kick you out. Women have the strength and ability to do combat, but they just don’t show it as much as men
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