Why Should Women Serve In The Army

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Should Women Serve in the Army? The 21st century is impartially called the age of professed equality of genders. Simultaneously, women achieved in conquering new work positions which have belonged to men a long period of time. In most cases, it is proven that women are also capable of taking part in physical activities; however, everything has own limitation. For instance, 50 years ago, describing a woman in military condition and serving in full combat would be impossible, conversely, it has become the reality of the day. Though it has successfully proved that women cannot be called a weak gender, army is one of the occupations which are not appropriate for women and they should not be part of them, since it follows a number of negative consequences related to their physical and mental health and the status of the military.…show more content…
For instance, a woman who has trained in military camps, cannot be compared with a man in physical durability. British Army officials gathered valuable information from several countries about physical capabilities. According to the London Sunday Times, the women performed imperfectly in physical tasks (London Sunday Times). In general, women are shorter, weigh less, have smaller muscularity and a higher fat percentage compared to men. These inherent dissimilarities lead to differences in physical capacity, and truly men have been found to have higher oxygen consumption and greater aerobic and anaerobic endurance. (MIDA). On the other hand, if women are allowed to serve in the army, it will be important to change the training methods or to add new exceptional standards for only

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