Explain Why It Is Important To Work In A Fraternity

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To, Start, I am always able to pick up on things pretty fast especially when the situation calls for it. People have always considered me to be Lazy genius. In that even though I might not have gotten the best grades in class mostly because I rest on my Lorals. I also know that I would be in a much better situation if I had something to do like getting involved in a club or being part of a fraternity. The real reason why you should accept me in to the college is because I am breaking from those habits and My abilities when I properly apply them to school work can allow me to have excellent grades in class my skills are being able to be work under pressure, I am creative, I am a good team worker. When I first realized that I work good under pressure was when sometimes I would do my home work for my classes right the day before, and the next day I would usually get a good grade. The reason why I said usually is because doing my work under pressure like that only works if I already have knowledge on what to do, and reasonable amount of time to do it.…show more content…
For example, my mom is starting a business I gave her an idea that she should do a video on how her product works, and that would even be good for marketing the product. I can also have an ability for story writing being able to come up with complex characters and stories at whim. My creativity does have limits I will sometimes have to parlay on someone else’s ideas to come up with better solution. The caveat to this is that this person will have to be in sync in what I am talking about being able to almost fully understand what to do, and then will come up with an amazing proposition. For instance, Me and my dad do this all the time when convey ideas with one another. I will even admit that my creativity has to come through talking to other people or at least listening to other people’s ideas through a group
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