Why Should You Go To College Essay

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Should you go to college ? here 's some reasons why you should. Each year there are thousands of students enrolling into college hoping they will get in to learn about their dream job. Many colleges have been around for decades. Many college names like Harvard and Yale are named after men. Many colleges have been around for decades. Many college names like Harvard and Yale are named after men who started “college” in the Colonial era. Religious denominations established most of the early colleges in order to train ministers and more. They were modeled after Oxford and Cambridge universities in England, as well as Scottish universities. Is college worth it ? Yes, because it 's a great way for anyone to do what they will like in life if you…show more content…
Some may say college can make you healthier. Some say college graduates are better in health and interpersonal skills. Although 50 out of 50 % could go either way. ( “EBSCOhost”). Although people say you can have better health from going to college it 's not a proven fact. Many people are just as healthy and happy with great people skills that didn’t attend college. People having healthy children and have proven their ability to achieve major milestones. Graduating college can also prevent saving for other milestones in life. College gives you the chance to do about anything that you want. You have to be careful because not going to college might not get you the dream job you want. Although going to college may not help you achieve the dream job you desire either. Even if you haven 't gone to college you can still be very successful. People never graduate from college and that is just simply a choice. You may choose to either complete it or not. Although people without a college degree can still get good paying jobs and be able to do what may love to do. They can also provide for their families and have the things they want. ( “ EBSCOhost”). Thus shows because you go to college and spend the money doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily graduate when you should or even graduate at all. Some simply get tired or decide they don’t feel it’s worth it
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