Why Should You Move To Sweden Essay

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The Top 5 reasons you should move to Sweden This piece is intended to convince you to leave wherever you call home right now and move to Sweden. We aren’t going to mention anything about the high tax rate, how cold and dark it is there, the dreaded Abba and herring or even “Swedish Socialism”. We won’t talk about any of those, we are trying to convince you remember? Here are the top 5 reasons you should definitely move to Sweden The Swedes have the best benefits in the world These benefits include: A five-week all-expense paid vacation. It gets even better if you’re older or a government worker. Parents get 480 days off as “parental day”. And this is for every child that they have! For the greater part of those days, the parent will earn 80%…show more content…
And so is University education. All things considered, I’m very pleased with the amount of taxes I pay. I actually get a lot back in terms of essential services and infrastructure. It also ensures that I skip the middleman totally! No insurance or pharmaceutical companies. Visit Sweden.se for the comprehensive details on benefits of living in Sweden. Do not fear the cold and dark, warmth comes in the summer I didn’t like the dark or the cold when I first moved here and I still don’t like it now. But don’t be deceived, the Swedes are not at all deterred by it. They go out very often all through winter. They organize cross-country races, downhill skiing events, hockey games, go on long walks and runs. It was really surprising at first by all this. Summer time is undoubtedly the best time You wake up to see the sun already up and it doesn’t set till after you go to bed. So even if you work late till 5 pm, you still have about 5 hours to have fun in the sun. Picnicking is practically a way of life here. The Swedes even have celebrations like Midsummer’s Eve and August Crayfish parties just to celebrate the sun. There are beautiful people everywhere and they dress really well Well, this is my opinion and it’s my
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