Why Should Youth Athletes Be Paid?

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Should youth athletes receive participation trophies? According to the " Trophies for All" policy, youth athletes are being rewarded with participation trophies. This isn't fair to youth athletes. An athlete that only does what is required shouldn't be rewarded the same as an athlete that helps the team much more. Another reason why participation trophies are unnecessary is because after being given so many participation rewards, the eventually begin to lose their value. However, to many parents of youth athletes, there are also many benefits to being given these trophies. Youth athletes should not be rewarded for simply doing what is required. Many parents and youth athletes believe that participation trophies are not fair for the team. In the article," Does Sports Participation Deserve A Trophy," James Harrison states that everyone is not a winner. Some…show more content…
A trophy or a medal should be a symbol of something earned, not a token of appreciation. " The benefit of competition isn't actually winning. In the article, " The Great Trophy Debate," Ashley Merryman states that the benefit of competition isn't actually winning. The benefit is improving. You need to work hard to get the rewards you desire. Not by simply doing what is expected or required of you. Trophies lose their value if they are not actually earned. The more trophies that are given out, the less each one means. These trophies can also send the wrong message to youth athletes. Giving participation rewards can prevent these youth athletes from learning from their mistakes. Not everyone is a winner. A student doesn't get an A for simply showing up to class. In the article, " Should Everyone Get a Trophy," Karen Coffin states that in life, most people are not rewarded for simply doing what is required. Only the hardest working or highest-performing athletes should get the accolades. Not everyone is a
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