Why Slavery Is Important To Me

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Lured. Trusted. Kidnapped. Transported. Sold. Held captive. Forced to do the unimaginable. Threatened. Beaten. Power. Used. Controlled. Hidden. Human life. Powerful as they are, these words describe slavery in the past, as well as slavery in our modern world. Learning from our past history, how can slavery still go on today? Today, slavery takes many forms, but the slaves are treated poorly, yearn for awareness, and seek help. Naturally the slaves were treated like they were below everyone else. Malala was shot in the head because she wanted the gift of an education.(Fox 1)Additionally, freed slaves are asking for awareness. After being shot, Malala has many people who are supporting her, and her blog about her time in slavery. Correspondingly many are answering the cry for help from freed and enslaved slaves. In Michigan many people that are specialized to find slaves and return them to a normal life. Modern day slavery has many names, but it still remains a very real problem. In the past slaves had many things they had to endure.Specifically slavery was legal. In the south, the economy was based on the crops from the plantations, and needed to have a working class, so slavery was legalized. The most important obstacle was the slaves were treated as if they were animals.…show more content…
Most importantly, slaves are treated horribly.Regardless if it is modern day or past slavery, slaves were treated as they were less of a human. Next importantly, many slaves are sold into slavery by their families. However, I am living comfortably, many families are suffering because they have little money.They sell their children. I can 't even fathom the idea of being sold by my own family.Finally, many slaves don 't escape. Many slave stories are not told, and if I was taken into slavery, I want mine to be told. In summary slavery is something I can 't wrap my head around, but it still
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