Why Slavery Reparations Should Be Paid

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The purpose of this paper is to explain why or why not slavery reparations should be paid. Reparations should not be paid in present day America because it is economically unfeasible and will create a bigger racial divide in the country. Are slavery reparations supposed to heal the pain of what happened years and years ago? No matter what, slavery will always be the biggest impact towards Africans, and paying money to those who never experienced the time will be nonessential. If there "were" to be reparations paid, it would be pretty clear that the descendants of slaves would be paid, obviously. Some would say "yes, give all black people reparations for slavery because they're black." Paying all blacks for slavery just because they're black is a waste of the country's money and very stereotypical. "Black families making $100,000 typically live in the kinds of neighborhoods inhabited by white…show more content…
The question that bumps most heads is "will non descendant taxpayers of slaves pay reparations, or will descendants of slaves owners do it?" Neither. There is no single group in today's time responsible for slavery. To say that taxpayers will pay reparations is idiotic. Who wants to pay extra taxes to a specific group of people who did not personally undergo the oppression and slavery their ancestors have? Never will it be ok to hold any descendants accountable for their ancestors actions. "...the people currently asked to pay had nothing to do with the injustices of the past." Slaves should have been paid back during that era, it shouldn't happen 154 years later.

To conclude it all, reparations should not be paid in present day America. If reparations are paid to blacks, then all other racial group that has been oppressed would be entitled to reparations, which will cost a lot of money the government may not have. Slavery reparations should've been paid to the slaves, not the
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