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How do small businesses have an advantage over larger businesses? Small businesses have three advantages over larger ones: they have a small amount of products, are custom made,and they have unique services. The small amount of products makes shopping more efficient for people, they don’t have to go into a store that has a wide variety of the same product. In a small business products can be custom made, this is something that consumers cannot find in a large business. In a large business the product is already made. Whereas in a small business there is the opportunity to get with the producer and decide on your own personal product. Lastly the services are unique therefore the consumer is likely to have a more personal connection to the producer.…show more content…
One main part of the business plan is that it lays out the idea for the owner. Having the idea laid out helps the owner see the problems or things that will need changed before or throughout the business's existence. Another part of the plan that the owner is in charge of is to analyze his or her concept. This is the what and why of the plan. What is the owner selling is it efficient to the economy and people around them. Why are they making their product or why is their business useful to the town. Lastly the owner makes the decisions about key business activities. This is the items vital to the business. The main elements that the business can not run without. The business owner has a very important rule in the start of a business. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How can a business plan help a business owner succeed? The business plan forces the owner to think about important activities the time they take, and their cost. Potential problems are identified. The plan helps keep the business on the mission to success. The plan can also be used as a tool for managing the business. The business plan is the main ingredient to the owners success. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is best to have another person review your business

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