Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places Essay

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Smoking is a practice in which a substance is burned and the subsequent smoke is breathed in to be tasted and absorbed into the circulation system. In our world tobacco causes nearly 6 million deaths per year, by 2030 this number will turn to 8 million. A way to prevent this is by banning smoking in public places because smoking does not only affect the smokers but also the people around them. This process has been done in multiple countries like the capital city of China, Beijing, Ireland, the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, multiple states in US, Spain, Hungary and many other countries and some results in those countries show benefits for health, but banning smoking in public places might push people to smoke more in their house which also affects those around them. Some people think that smoking in public places takes smokers freedom away because it prevents them from doing whatever they would want to do others claim that it is a way of preventing death caused by passive smoking, as smoking is one of the main preventable death cause. Smoking should be banned in public places because it affects public health, environment and has huge impacts on social life as well. One of the main reasons why smoking should be banned in public…show more content…
As children and pregnant women are being affected what families should do is not allow anyone to smoke anywhere in or near their home, if they are smokers they should not smoke in the car even if some people claim that opening the window helps it actually does not, they should also make sure that the day care centers or the schools that their children attend are "tobacco free" and if they are in countries or cities that allow public smoking when they go out as a family they should look for restaurants or other places that do not allow smoking because even " no smoking sections" do not protect them from passive

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