Why So Many People Learn English Essay

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Why do so many people learn English and what are the effects of this trend? The main reason is English is the world’s common language. Since there are many languages in the world, this must be a communication problems. It is important to have a language that most of the people known. English as a common language between speakers whose local languages are different and speak with each other. It is spoken by at least a quarter of the world’s population. Knowing English can change our social networking and relationships to be better. English is the main language of social language. We can communicate with anyone we want. We can commutate by using English can avoid misunderstanding. That can expand our circle of friends. Although many other countries have their own language, but we cannot forgotten English is lingua franca.…show more content…
English is become more and more important to our life, according to the China Daily reports, in the 2014 China had more than 300 million Chinese already are studying English, this is one quarter of the china population. So you can imagine that ten years later, the Chinese English speaker will also become the highest in the world, also the scope of English languages will be extend. And the cause of this result is that, the Chinese government strongly to promote the learning and using of English. For example, In the Chinese kindergarten every child had already started to learn the English, also the government had stipulated that, next 4 years every state employees which is younger than 40 will be required to know at least 1000 English phrases. Depend on the Chinese government’s promote on the education and widespread, nowadays you can see that in many China important city, you will found out the many ways of English used very easily. So it mean that the significance of English had become so important, event it is in the China as a second
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