Why Soccer Is Important

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Teams are groups of people who come together to reach a desired goal. In my life, I am part of many teams like in soccer, school, and my family. From these teams I have formed my belief about the importance of working with others. I have recognized that a team player is a person who can form good chemistry, can contribute to a team, and can help their fellow teammates. I believe that from my experience in soccer, school, and with my family, that being a team player is essential for success in life. Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world. It requires over eleven players to work together to win games. To be effective on the field, players must have a good connection between each other, called chemistry. In order to have good chemistry, an athlete must be familiar with their teammates, such as knowing how they play, think, and move. Developing good chemistry can be done with practice, training, and team building exercises. Learning about chemistry helped me form my belief. By showing me that to succeed in soccer, you need to be a team player and have good chemistry.…show more content…
Every day, teachers develop our knowledge and require in return that we complete given assignments. Other times, my classmates and I must work together in a group project or classwork. In both situations, I have to execute my role in the team. Doing the work and making positive contributions, helps myself and others to achieve excellence. My observations of my relationships in school, added to my belief that it is important to be a team player, by finding that it is essential to
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