Why Soccer Is Important To Me Essay

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My personal code of chivalry involves the best sport in the whole wide world which is soccer. In the aspects of soccer there are many ways of how this sport has changed me. This sport has really changed my life, there many values of this sport that continue on my whole life. These values would be to never give up, always be honest and responsible, and to always give it my all on whatever activity I’m doing.
The first value that has affected my life, is the one about never giving up. This one means a lot to me because whenever I fail or lose, I always get back up on my feet and keep going at it until I’ve got the job done. In soccer, this value can be related at any point in the game. I have many experiences with this whenever I go to play the sport I love. For example when I’m playing out on the soccer pitch I can feel the smooth grass and watch how the ball rolls swiftly across the grass, and when the match starts the opponents that face would juke me out to get past me. So whenever a player gets passed me I always say to myself to never give up and try to recover the soccer ball as quickly as possible. This
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This third value is the one of giving it my all in every facet that comes across my path. So in soccer I always give it my all, I never want to know how it feels to not try because I ask the question to myself “why would people not try, I would rather give it the very best I can.” An example of this in soccer can be for when I have an open shot at goal not trying to take a shot just because I’m afraid of missing the goal and everybody would be laughing at me. But with this value I would rather take the shot myself and risk everything I have into it even if I terribly shoot it over the net. So what this value means to me is that in whatever activity that I’m doing, I’m always going to apply this value of code of chivalry on whatever task is before

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