Why Soccer Is Popular Essay

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Soccer is not considered one of the most popular sport here in America. However, around the world, everybody will easily know what it is about without any hesitation. My country, Argentina, is proud to say that soccer is its national sport. People even consider this game to be a part of their lives. What makes it so popular is the fact that soccer is a passionate, strategic and delightful sport.
To begin with, in soccer people will never know what can happen, which makes it an unpredictable and passionate game. Not always the expected team wins, even if they proved to be better than the opponent, everything can change in a hundredth of a second due to a virtue of an offensive player or a mistake of a defender. When people think that something
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Teams are generally divided into two styles. In one hand, there is the offensive style in which almost every player will be aggressive and will try to score fast. On the other hand, there is the defensive style where they will try to be as close of their goal as possible waiting to the other team to make a mistake and have a counter attack. In addition, there are players whit a strategic vision like Andrés Iniesta who can filter a pass that no one will expect; players who base on their constancy and work can achieve greatness like Cristiano Ronaldo; or players born to amaze the world with unbelievable skills like Leonel Messi. There is a lot of work and sacrifice behind all this which makes it a fascinating sport to play it and watch it.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, even though United States gives it less importance. This game is played with a lot of passion due to the fact that everyone can win or lose regardless of the situation, it requires a great amount of strategy to score and win games, and there are millions of dribbles that can be done with only a round ball that will amaze the fans. People who have ever played it and give credit of
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