Essay On Social Media Is Bad

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Many people get hurt by social media and some people have committed suicide or lost there job are scholarships that is why social media is bad. people get hurt because of social media in many way like cyberbullying or sending a text to be funny and end up losing a scholarship or your job.Some may believe that social media is a helpful tool for keeping up with friends however, social media can have a negative effect on someone's career with one message

Social media can ruin an athlete's life by one text that they sent just to be funny when they were younger.this shows how athletes ruined her life with social media A recruit losing attention because of something posted on social media. An athlete outing himself or a teammate as injured. Legal
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a little girl was bullied and she never confessed that it was happening till 13 years later ( Atlantic Monthly Group).cyberbullying happens all the time because people are very judgmental and it is really easy to send a text message to somebody and it hurts theme because people are saying what they don't like about them.cyberbullying gets wors and wors every day and we can't help it .college students spied on the one student and saw something and told everyone and then he got bullied online( All Rights Reserved. NOBULLYING.COM).cyber bullying got worse every year and we can't help it because the technology becomes more advanced every day and it becomes easier to get. cyberbullying is permanent and cannot be erased. More than 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide and nearly 7 percent have attempted it, that is why you will, sadly, read about cyberbullying cases in the media now more than ever.( All Rights Reserved. NOBULLYING.COM). this proves that cyberbullying is permanent and cannot be erased because suicide is permanent and many people have done it and it is increasing every year . overall cyberbullying ruins people's lives and is caused because social
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