Why Social Media Important Essay

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14.6. Why social media is so important? Social media has become so important because it is widely use as a mean of communicating with our friends and families, sharing our thoughts, playing games, posting photos and videos, selling and buying items, meeting new friends, and even for gossiping. Many private organizations and government bodies, as well as public agencies, use social media to make announcements for competitive advantage. In this digital era, social media is no longer optional, it is a necessity. Social media is a powerful tool of advertising as it has a multiplying effect, which is exponential. Advertising on social media is cheaper compared to other media and ultimately to create better return on investment with lower cost. Small…show more content…
The first thing of your brand should do on social media is to be real. You need to truly represent your brand’s personality to your audience. 2. The second thing is to create a clear and consistent communication direction or strategy for your social presence. Discuss with your team to create a brand guideline and content strategy to ensure a unified and consistent voice across all your platforms. 3. The third thing is listening to your audience. Social media is not a one-way street and more and more people are now turning to social media as their primary touch point to a brand. For instances, e-mailing and calling up a brand is just too tedious when people can immediately just jump on your facebook to share their queries or their dissatisfactions. The turnaround time to respond to a query and the time to resolve an unpleasant situation can make a huge difference in building customer loyalty. Thus, it is important to have an experienced person handling the page so they know how best to respond in a timely manner. Your brand’s social media page should not be limited to sharing your latest promotion or to sell your latest product to consumer, but make it a customer care platform where your customers can ask or tell you anything and they will always hear back from
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