Why Some People Think That Puerto Ricos Should Stay

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Some people believe that Puerto Ricans should stay because the economy will improve, but for the past few years the economy has been decreasing. Trying to pay the huge debt the government has taken decisions that have damaged the individual economy. An example of these bad decisions is the increase of sales taxes from 7.0% to 11.5%, which according to PBS News is higher than any other in the United States (PBS News). High taxes have led the closure of small businesses and consequently kill the dreams and hope of all the young people that are trying to build their future with their own business. These small business close because costumers cannot afford the elevate cost of products and need to reduce their expenses limiting their shops to only what they really need. Moreover, the raise o the oil crude tax to a 68% complements the collapse of Puerto Rico’s economy because all the products consumed on the…show more content…
Some people believe that crime rates have decreased or that is not enough reason to leave the island, but it is something that Puerto Ricans have in mind when they are making decisions. Today in places where years ago criminality’s rate was 0% people get killed or assault in every corner no matter the hour or the day. Women get kidnapped and rape when they are just walking; young people that are starting a business get assaulted and people fight even for parking. Moreover, corruption and drug trafficking are technically the owners of the island because the “authority” ignores what is happening or even worse they are part of it. People cannot stay in a place where fear consumes them. The psychologist Salvador Santiago argues that the criminality rate has decreased because of emigration, not because the government is doing something to stop violence (2014). Criminality with unemployment and economical problems are the main reason why Puerto Ricans emigrate and why they should not

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