Cause And Effect Of Stress On Society

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Stress: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Today, stress is a part in everybody 's life. Many a times change in the environment of the person causes stress. For example, events like marriage or divorce, buying a house loan etc. But the highest stress levels are often correlated with workplace stress. In fact occupational stress has been termed as " global epidemic." But stress is not bad all the times. It can be a source of origin for creativity and productivity. In fact people cannot reach their peak unless they are stressed. So, stress is good at times. The natural pattern is: Humans are stressed, they react to by taking some action, and then go back to the relaxed natural state. Stress becomes bad when it remains there for a long time, or it
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They provide for satisfaction at workplace, motivation and stress busters. However they could also be the leading cause of stress at the workplace. The quality and availability of the relationship can cause various levels of stress. What seems appropriate for one person could be perceived as inappropriate by another. Though completion should be encouraged, too much of it could lead to a stressful work environment. Bullying and harassment not only affects the people involved but has its repercussions on the organization as a whole. If tolerated, it only get aggravated.
Role conflict occurs when there are incompatible demands placed upon an employee such that compliance with both would be difficult. Role conflict is experienced when we find ourselves pulled in various directions as we try to respond to the many statuses we hold. A common example is the work-life balance, a typical problem for working women. This could be caused due to tension, anxiety and ignorance. It could cause people to become aggressive to withdraw altogether. Role ambiguity on the other hand is a lack of clarity about expected behavior from a job or position which can hinder job
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The pressure of recession took a toll on him and he decided to quit in a different manner. Most of the senior leaders feel the pressure, especially in bad times. Those who are survivors learn to cope up with the situation, some don 't, especially those who have experienced success all the times. Their resilience skills probably lack because they never had faced failures in their lives. Management can 't act as therapist. But, they sure can watch out for signs of the extreme stress and depression which leads to frustration which in turn may lead to take extreme steps. In the face of bad time it is natural to feeling the need to do more when the company is going through tough times. But the law of diminishing returns comes into picture after a point of time which we don 't realize. When someone logs seven days a week for a long time they rob themselves of an opportunity to re-energize and re-think as to what they are doing. They begin to get trapped in diminishing returns. In tough times work is harder than usual. But one has to keep it in perspective. If it is costing one his/her personality, if one is losing the sense of who he/she really is then the work probably is not worth it. One must reconsider working at such times. Thinking we are important to the organization is surely healthy. But thinking that you are the only one who can save the organization is not. Even though

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