Why Student Should Start Later Essay

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Controversy has been going around about if a student should be able to graduate from high school a year earlier. Students should have the option to graduate if they want and have the ability to. They should have this option because they can go to college a year earlier, they can join the workforce, and an extra year in high school can be a waste of their time if they are ready to graduate when they are a Junior. The first reason students should be able to graduate earlier is having the option to go to college a year earlier. If they can go a year earlier that would give students a head start to not only college but their entire life. Of course if a student starts earlier that means that they will also finish quicker than previously expected. This provides many benefits. Some of these benefits include further increasing the student's mind and being able to achieve their goal even quicker than originally planned. The second reason students should be allowed to graduate a year earlier is to join the workforce. By graduating a year before expected, the student can be employed full time without having to work around school time. This allows them to support themselves and make their own money. Which is a great benefit when still young because young adults have many wants they would like to satisfy. Once…show more content…
If a student is academically inclined, then their senior year usually doesn't have a complete schedule because they have completed the classes they already needed to graduate. For that reason there is no need for the student to go through another year of high school when they have basically completed it. With the ability to graduate the student can continue to progress by working on classes needed to graduate college. Although, the student may not be ready to move and are not mentally prepared for the challenge. It comes down to the individual
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