Why Students Break University Rules Essay

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For I have seen that many university students are not follow certain rule that have been set by the university. A research were conducted to identify why students breaks university rules in an Australian branch campus in Malaysia. In this research they are 3 sub heading to determine why students breaks rule and helping the university to know the cause of students breaks rule. Do students follow university rules? What are the reasons that cause student to break university rules? Do students think that having good discipline is important? 2.1 Do students follow university rules? According to Leung & lee (2005) they survey from 1986 to 1989 have shown that the number of students who is breaking school rule in Hong Kong started to rise, were…show more content…
The number of students who have breaks school rule is increasing, this is because students are now lacking of discipline in them. According to Boudour (2012) one of the most common complaint of a teachers all over the world is that of disciplinary issues. Most of the teachers having a stressful time to keep control the students. Students usually talking , playing with phone, or even doing something else and not paying attention to the teachers that are teaching during classes. With this kind of behavior during the class, I makes hard for the students whom like to learn or paying attention to teachers. According to College trend (2014) Discipline is important at every stage of student life. A well discipline person can be easily differentiated in the crowd. Students should be attending more lecture classes where participating in classroom lectures attentively is a key to college success (College Trend,2014). Students should be discipline on their studies, where they need to spend at least 2 hours doing homework, revision, or even reading. With a good discipline students also should be able to avoid temptation. Students should be able to balance things and avoid some of the allures that can inhibit the academic success such as drugs and alcohol (College
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