Why Students Cheat In Exam Essay

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Students cheat in exams, not only in primary and secondary schools, and even college students often cheat in exams. The number of students admitting to cheating has been increase significantly over the last 60 years, and students are not just cheating to pass, they are cheating to get ahead. According to a survey by Josephson Institute of Ethics (2015), 12,000 high school students, 74% admitted to cheating on an exam at some point during the past year to get ahead. Students cheat in exams not only attracted attention to school students, and even the general public are worried about this problem. These results paint a grim picture of today 's youth, and it makes many wonder whether the students who are willing to cheat are willing to commit other unethical deeds to get ahead in life. The main problem causes the students cheat in exams is stress and the effort to overcome the problem is to motivate students play an important role in their studies. Stress is the main problem to cause the students cheat in exams. Some students do not…show more content…
Due to lack of understanding during teaching lesson, lack confidences with their ability and stress from their parents that caused the students join in cheating with the aim to get the good results. Cheating is a serious problem that worried about by social, so it must be solved. The best solution is every unit must motivate the students to know their playing role in studies. Teachers play an important role in schools, because educating the students is their responsibilities. In house, parents play an important role to guide their children. Parents should review their children 's academic and work regularly to see what is being accomplished. Lastly, the most important role to play in studies is students themselves. Study well in their studies is their responsibilities. A high-educated student, he/she will not take part in cheating during

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