Why Students Cheat

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Cheating has become easier today than it ever has been before. Thanks to the internet, students have found easier ways to cheat on their studies. There is multiple research that proves just how many high school and college students use technology to cheat. Technology has become a big problem when it comes to students and their academics. A reason for this is because students have easy access to the internet and their cell phones are on them 24/7. High school students are harder to study because of parental permission and the selective information the school will give out. But college students are easier to study and it 's easier to find out if their “work” is really theirs or if it 's something they bought on the internet. In the article “Academic Dishonesty among Gifted and High-Achieving Student” Kimberly Geddes states “Neutralizing attitudes refer to rationalizations such as ‘no one else is hurt if i cheat,’” (52). Students don’t have the time they need to study so they find it easier to just cheat and assume they will be fine but in life doesn’t work that way. There are many reasons why students cheat and some are able to justify as to why they do it. Paul Craig says in his article, “Instructing Students in Academic Integrity”, that the reason students plagiarize is to “maximize personal gain” (50). These cheaters try to avoid punishment at all costs and will deny any responsibility that they may have for their actions. Students feel pressured to get good grades and
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