Essay On The Importance Of Disengage In High School

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I’m in a room with desks and chairs all over, white walls and floors, and pieces of paper stapled on the wall on the brink of falling off. The teacher, just sitting at his desk while I’m writing on a piece a paper that’s white and black. The only colors I see are the blue, glazed color of the chairs, and the colors of the clothes on my classmates. For an hour I stare at a white wall with papers clinging to it and words cut from paper saying math is fun. Face it, I’m bored. This same feeling abounds in students all over the world. Most students, like myself, sit in a class and countdown the seconds until we are free. Sometimes we use our phones to combat the disengaging environment that has been created to inspire us. In fact, most people consider that phones are the reason why students don’t engage in class. Which is shocking…show more content…
One of the most simple answers I came up with was that schools and students have to change because if we don’t we may fall behind. When I say we have to change, I’m saying that we have to get rid of all those boring and unengaging ways of teaching. We have to create an environment that is motivated towards learning and not just getting a letter grade. Recent surveys suggest that “91 to 98 percent” of young students report that they get bored everyday which from Romeo Vitelli indicates that students don’t engage in class. Not because they are on their phone but because they are not interested in what the school is teaching them. If you’re still one of those sceptical people well great because technology and phones aren’t going anywhere. So instead of trying to get rid of phones which are being made to make our lives easier, maybe you should be looking at the system that hasn’t been changed in centuries and which makes our lives somewhat
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